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Business Tax Services

We provide a strategic approach to tax planning and business tax problem resolution focused on business-owned, small to medium-size companies. Get tax help for your business from our tax experts consisting of former IRS Tax Agents, Auditors and Officers. We not only know the laws intimately but also how the IRS looks at businesses, their tax issues as well as the best solutions.

Corporate Structuring

Coming up with a great idea that is unique and profitable is hard enough without the worry of legal and finance issues, corporate filings, or even state and local permits. Rely on our decades of experience helping start-ups and growing businesses. We’ll help guide you through the process starting with where you are today and where you’d like to be in the future. You don’t have to do it alone, and with a partner like National Consulting Experts, you have the team you can trust to make your business goals a reality.

Business Analysis

Identify your business’ strengths and it’s deficiencies to improve major aspects towards better eficiency and profits. Our BA Services will help you learn where your business can improve, steps to take to improve, learn and grow, as well as where you can save both time and money. Our Business Analysts have experience in dozens of industries specific to the small and medium size operations and understand how their needs are different from those of large corporations yet need to compete on the same playing field. Get an in-depth examination of your business today including sales, financials, and operations providing recommendations to improve and how to implement the changes.

Marketing & Sales

Without customers you wouldn’t have a business. Customers are the fuel needed to a business keep running. Marketing is the process of communicating the value proposition of your company’s products or services in order to find more customers. We’ve worked hard to build relationships with great partner companies who can offer you excellent service while keeping your budget in mind.

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